Bridal shawl

דף הבית


עליונית לכלה, תחרה לבנה s


Bridal shawl in floral lace
Bridal shawl with 4 wearing options. It can be worn as a shrug, shawl or criss- crossed shawl or as a tube scarf.
The large Roses pattern will add romance to your wedding outfit, and you can wear it in few ways during the event. In the ceremony use the shawl or criss crossed shawl to cover your top for a bit more modest look. For the reception- wear it as a shrug, it will add a different style to your dress. after the wedding you can use the scarf with casual outfits, just to add some warmth and chic to your everyday look. It will remind you your wedding day any time you wear it…

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